Online Casino Card Games

Playing card games in online casinos gives you all the fun of a casino right in your own living room. Card games are among the most popular casino games, and the top games are Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the top online poker games, and beginners can find the rules confusing. Here we take a look at the basic rules so you can understand the action.

At the start of the game each player must place the “blind” bet before cards are dealt. All players are then dealt two cards, and then the next round of betting begins. You can match the first blind bet (call); place a bigger bet (raise); or you can choose to get out of the game (fold).

The next cards dealt are held by the dealer in three deals with five cards held by the dealer at the end. Each deal offers a new opportunity to bet so you can call, raise or fold at each of these points.

At the end, the winner of the pot is the player with the best card combination from their hand and the dealer’s cards. Want to know more about games to enjoy online? You will find more information here.


Blackjack is a simple game where the players try to beat the dealer by getting cards with a total closest to but not exceeding 21. Click here for more information on Blackjack odds.

The bets are placed before the first deal of the cards and then each player is dealt two cards face up with the dealer having one card showing and one face down. Each player must decide whether to take another card or “stick” with the hand they have. An ace with a ten is Blackjack, and if you have this and the dealer doesn’t, you are paid one and a half times your bet.