The Rising Popularity of Online Poker across All Ages

Online poker has made the game accessible to virtually everyone. In this article, we are talking about how the “rakeback” and it’s now not-so-oft appearance helps the industry grow.

What is a Rakeback?

When a hand is played in poker (live or online), a small percentage of the pot gets paid to the house ‒ a commission fee (rake), whereas a rakeback is the portion of that money that a player gets back.

What happened to the Rakeback?

Rakeback used to be awarded to a wide audience of players. But now they are mostly limited to club members and VIPs. Check out for more in-depth on how Rakeback incentives can benefit everyone.

Although it is standard that VIP programs offer a financial incentive, the rakeback’s popularity has waned. A variety of rewards is offered right now which exceed simple monetary value.

How are VIP rewards beneficial to players of all age groups?

A reward could be tickets for a global tournament. Being present to such an event allows any player, regardless of age, to improve their strategy by learning from the best.

All poker fans know of Viktor Blom, the Swedish player who was introduced to poker at 14 by his older brother and later took the poker world by storm at 19. He is known for having huge swings and never having training of any kind, solely relying on his passion and learning on his feet. You can read an interview with him on (

Now imagine if players like Blom, young or old, have access to tournaments. This helps tremendously in forming a playing style. Therefore, instead of a ‘simple’ rakeback, this would interest everybody because true players play for the love of the game.